When renovating a house, it could be advisable to think ahead and visualise bathroom suites as they will be when finished so as to best decide which baths to choose from.

Sean Murphy of ChicoER.com observed that there are a number of different products available on the market, from whirlpool baths to traditional soaking tubs, as well as clawfoot options and an airpool bath, which has holes along the bottom to let air in gently for a fizzy, soothing soak.

Another important consideration to bear in mind is shape – people can choose from round, triangular or oval, although the majority of homeowners would opt for a rectangular bath.

“With so many different types of tubs, varying degrees of comfort and a number of shapes and sizes, you can truly customise and get creative with a new fixture,” Mr Murphy observed.

Where sinks are concerned, the Independent Baderom oppussing Online recently suggested, it might be an idea to include two sinks side by side so as to ease morning congestion when family members are all up trying to get to work or school.

The Independent Online continued to saying it can offer extra convenience in a high traffic area, ensuring there is room for everyone and could be a perfect move for anyone without the space to build a separate shower room.

It advised homeowners to ensure there is at least 750 mm between each washbasin, so two people can use the area at the same time.

Other tips included fitting toilets in restricted spaces and placing baths below sloping ceilings, while installing underfloor heating could be a great solution for keeping the bathroom warm.

Before embarking on such projects, it might be advisable to head to the web and check out a few sites specifically designed to assist with renovations, such as Google SketchUp which provides a glimpse into other people’s plans as well.

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