Real estate agents provide the opportunity to place properties at the fingertips of buyers all over the world. However there are some costs with traditional listings that homeowners often do not consider. It is recommended to conduct a thorough analysis of your expenses in order to know how much you’re actually making. Read on to look at five things you need to be aware of before listing your home for sale for sale in Fast Atlanta.

Holding Costs

If you decide to list your home for sale in Fast Atlanta, you need be aware of the costs of holding, which will begin to eat off profits made generated by the sales of your property. The same per month fees to keep or manage the property, and to perform the obligations of ownership while it’s being sold. Furthermore an agent for real estate isn’t able to provide an estimated closing date. But a direct buyer such as those who are at Selling House can provide the cash backing and offers you the option of choosing the date for closing that is most convenient, and provide you with a guarantee of closing that day.

Professional Service Providers

Another aspect you must be aware of when selling your home for sale in Fast Atlanta is the list of professional services you’ll have to engage. The pressure of juggling everyone’s hectic schedule is difficult for everyone from the appraiser and home inspector to getting your house ready for professional photography for top-quality digital marketing media and a drone pilot licensed to take 360-degree tours. If you make a direct offer to professionals like the ones who are at Sell Today Homebuyers, your will not have to fret about the cost of the experts that are involved in the transaction.

Professional Staging Expenses

Additionally, there is the expense of professional stagers. This includes leasing storage spaces for your possessions, including furniture and then redecorating your house using rental furniture when you list your home, at your own expense. They can charge high costs that you must be aware of when selling your home within Fast Atlanta. This method has been shown to increase the price of selling houses. It is now a standard procedure among the top realtors. If you’d like to avoid the entire listing process selling your property directly to an investor such as Selling House means you go straight to the table of closing for the cash you’ve earned, typically within just a few weeks. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers. this article


The real estate commission is approximately 6 percent of the property’s selling cost when you sell your home within Fast Atlanta and will come from the proceeds at the time of closing. Broker fees could also be due to the work of agents. But, you don’t have to have to pay commissions if make a direct sales to a professional investor , such as the ones on Selling House, and there aren’t any hidden charges in our straightforward contract.


Repairs are an expense that you must be aware of before selling your home on the market in Fast Atlanta. If you don’t take care of repairs, buyers could demand a significant deduction from the price of your sale to pay for the cost they’ll incur for the repair. In contrast you’ll be able to avoid having to pass the dreaded inspection by making the direct deal to an immediate buyer such as the ones at Selling House because we buy houses as-is.

Are you interested in learning more about the ways a direct sale with Selling House may be the solution you’ve been searching for? Let a direct buyer from Selling House compare how the amount you’d earn from selling your house against our price that you’ll find to be fair as we’re transparent about our figures. Contact a direct buyer on Selling House who will guide you through the basics you should know about selling your home for sale in Fast Atlanta without obligation. We at Selling House, we take a moment to take a moment to listen.

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